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Guys! Jess needs your help, if you like her contest entry for the Forgotten Boneyard logo contest please follow the link and vote “F” we would really appreciate it so so much :)

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Day 28: Do you pick up roadkill?

No, we see a lot on the sides of highways. In NYC it’s pretty impossible to go back when there’s less people because “less people” never happens :/

Also, is it even legal here?

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Day 27:

Day 27: Most infuriating bone problem?

When Bailey the cat steals your tiny skulls from the window and tries to eat them >_<

Also, bones falling apart during cleaning and having no clue where to start putting them back together.

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when you say large buck skulls, how big you talkin?
Anonymous asked

private message us your email and we can send you a pic? I don’t have exact measurements at the moment but if you’re serious I will get them for you :)

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Day 26: Do you have any plans to get a bone related job? Or taxidermy? Or something?

Nick says kind of, he’s thinking about it. He also wants to be a police officer.

Jess is trying to become a tattoo artist. She’ll probably be drawing plenty of skulls and bones!

Otherwise we are both happy keeping collecting as a hobby :)

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Day 25: Do you name your skulls? Do you have a system to name them? Favorite name?

No.. not for any reason really, it’s just not something we ever thought to do.

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Day 24: Do you do Tumblr trades?

We haven’t, but are definitely open to! We have 3 large buck skulls and not enough room to display all three, so one of those is up for trade if you see this and are interested :)

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Day 23: Do you do crafty things with your bones?

Yes! We use them as references for drawing and painting all the time. We also like to get creative with how we display stuff and sometimes make them into more decorative pieces by adding different things :)

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Day 22: Do you have an Etsy shop or something similar?

No, we don’t find enough things in large enough quantities.. We wind up keeping everything we find for this reason

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Day 21: Best advice to new bone lovelies?

Wow we are behind!

The best advice is to go outside as much as possible and always keep your eyes open. Look very closely for bones because they are not always bright white! Don’t be upset if you don’t find anything every time it takes patience.